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Half-Life fans recreate Half-Life

Is the original starting to look a little dated for you, then fear not, these guys have got it covered.

Either years of hard work, dedication and no doubt plenty of blood, sweat and tears have been poured into the labour of love that is revitalising the original Half-Life game for PC. Called Black Mesa, the soon to be released title will be launching on September 14th as a free download, thats right, FREE!

First of all I would like to salute the hard working people who have taken their own time to put so much work into such an ambitious project, so much work has gone into this game that its no wonder the internet has been buzzing with news and reports of their efforts. The game is set to feature everything from improved graphics, better physics simulation, advanced environmental effects and even a tweaked story line.

So how did we all find out about this now, well that came from the website for the game that appeared over the weekend, the Black Mesa project web page went live with a timer and a forum announcement that the game was done and is on its way to please eager gamers around the world this month.

Carlos Montero is the head of a team of 40 developers that have worked on this project, who said his aim is to release a shorter edition, rather than keep people waiting for the whole thing. The part of the game in question is the Lamda Core, which is no small section either, promising a good 10 hours of gameplay to sink your teeth into until the final part of the game is completed, but this should hopefully get them the support they need to see this through to the end, and given the popularity of the 1998 original, I don't think they will have much trouble in finding that support.

Keep an eye on the official site which you can find here -

So who else can't wait to get their hands on this?