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A thank you from the CCL team to all those at Multiplay Insomnia 46

Tom expresses CCL's thanks to those who attended ths years i46

A massive thank you needs to go out to everyone who attended the i46 event at the Telford International Centre this weekend, as always nothing beats the gaming crowd at an iSeries for general banter, good spirited humour, interesting conversations and electric atmosphere. There really is no show like it in the UK.

Seeing old friends from past iSeries events and making new ones never gets boring; with the size of i46 this has happened on a scale like none before it. With the hot popcorn we had on the go much fun was had just standing on the stand talking over a bag of popcorn.

The competitions we had running to give away Playstation 3’s, Intel CPUs thanks to Gigabyte, BenQ XL2420T gaming monitor, Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit, full AMD and Gigabyte gaming PC drew in a huge crowd and unrivalled levels of competition.
We won’t forget in a rush the competition on the Serious Sam 3 survival mode to break first 5 minutes and then 6 minutes, the 3D light chaser and the ten people all within 3 targets of each other.

The build a PC competition where previous champion Ghostie was consigned to 2nd place with a phenomenal build by Mitch |ATK|in just 2:07.958. Considering in that time Mitch had to take the side panel off, fit a CPU cooler, hard drive, optical drive, graphics card, RAM, PSU then wire and screw everything in, connect up the system to a monitor mouse and keyboard then load up our website on Ubuntu it is a hugely impressive feat.

The pub quiz was amazing fun; with over 600 people competing it was as intense as a casual quiz could be. CCL with the help of the ever wonderful Chris and Gert from the Coolermaster booth managed a team of 6 people and a final placing of 19th out of 60+ teams. We don’t think we did that bad for the size of our team and our relative lack of gaming knowledge against some of the experts we know! We will most certainly be competing at the next LAN and hoping to improve on our placing so watch out Press Gang, Spunk and Check us out were coming for you next quiz to take your 18th placed crown!

The exhibitors this LAN were also exceptional, a big shout out to all our friends at both partner and competitor booths has to be done. With everyone’s hard work this was easily the best exhibition seen at an iSeries since we have been attending for the past few years. Hopefully something we can all build upon at future events to make insomnia the place to go for gaming in not just the UK but Europe.

Finally a massive thanks has to be given to the Multiplay staff and their volunteer crew, without those guys the well-oiled exhibition machine would not happen, the gamers wouldn’t be able to play the games they do at the level they do and the whole event wouldn’t be as fun.

As ever an excellent LAN and it is a real shame it had to end, anyway at least we have something else to look forward to…. bring on i47 Winter LAN!