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Review: AMD Radeon 6870 Crossfire Benchmarks and Review

Martin is dual graphics card mad this week putting two 6870's through their paces to see just how they compete against todays big hitters

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls : SkyrimElder Scrolls : Skyrim













Skyrim, one of the most, anticipated games of last year. Initially my opinion of Skyrim wasn’t all that great, however giving it a little time; it’s indeed an absolutely brilliant game.

For Skyrim, I ran the game with everything set to their highest and the all of the options ticked, I haven’t modified the .ini to increase the IQ any further at present however, I was also running 8x MSAA. One problem for me, with Skyrim is that some of the textures really don’t make sense as they’re pretty low resolution, yet with some other textures they’re absolutely brilliant, it’s almost like they’ve only applied three quarters of the high resolutions textures, which is a shame. In motion, Skyrim looks absolutely gorgeous however, the river flowing is one of the best applications I’ve ever seen of water in a game.

For measuring the frame rate with Skyrim, I ran through the first 10 minutes when you’ve got proper control over your character, which is after the dragon attacks and you go into the underground, this is where I started recording, as I felt it represented true gameplay at that point, however, I’d expect the frame rate to be different depending on the location you’re at. While playing, I did get outside into the vast environment, which I’d expect to change the frame rates, however I couldn’t comment too much, as Vsync was being forced, thus ultimately I don’t know the extent to what a 6870 Crossfire is capable of in Skyrim, here are the results ;

Elder Scrolls : Skyrim - ResultsElder Scrolls : Skyrim - Results


As you can see, the average frame rate is rather impressive, just under 60 FPS, however if you look at the maximums you can see it at 61, at only 3 FPS difference between max and average, I’m pretty sure that the game’s forcing Vsync, which if it wasn’t, would change the maximums and average accordingly, at any rate, the game was very smooth and was quite a pleasure to play, certainly worth buying. In future I may add a modified Skyrim, to see how it tests the latest GPU’s, such as a GTX680.