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Review: AMD Radeon 6870 Crossfire Benchmarks and Review

Martin is dual graphics card mad this week putting two 6870's through their paces to see just how they compete against todays big hitters


Alien Versus PredatorAlien Versus Predator

For the first game, I’ve chosen Aliens Versus Predator; this is also one of the DX11 titles that I was referring to earlier in the review. An acceptable game with its obvious flaws in an FPS filled market, nevertheless, it doesn’t look half bad.

For this game, I’m running 1920x1080, with all of the settings on their highest, including the DX11 features, such as MSAA and tessellation. This is one of those games that doesn’t use tessellation to an extreme scale, while it does take a performance hit from running tessellation as opposed not, it doesn’t hit it enough to make any real negative affect to the frames, overall it was a very smooth running game.


To gauge the performance of the 6870 Crossfire in this game, I played through the first 10 minutes of gameplay starting from when you regain conscious and the image becomes clear, in this sequence, there’s some outdoor scenes, a few explosions and a few aliens, giving plenty of “real world gameplay”.

Here’s the figures that I recorded for AVP;

Alien Versus Predator - ResultsAlien Versus Predator - Results

As you can see from the figures given, the game’s running close to 100 FPS, giving a very smooth playing experience, with minimums of 41 and a high of 164, AVP is perfectly playable. Given the results, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could run a higher resolution, such as 1920x1200 or even higher perfectly fine at close to 60 FPS average, making the 6870 Crossfire, so far, a high end performance set up, while costing only around the same price as a 6970.








Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Assassins Creed BrotherhoodAssassins Creed Brotherhood

The Assassins Creed series is currently my favourite game series, having recently just played through Assassins Creed Brotherhood, waiting until the PC port finally gets released, hopefully, as previous Assassins Creed games on the PC, we’ll get the DLC thrown in for free.

I’ve always felt that Assassins Creed was a beautifully running game, as well as beautifully looking, such wide and vast landscapes that spanned the players view.

For Brotherhood, I was running 1920x1080, with all of their settings to their highest while using 8x MSAA. To gauge the performance, I played through the first 10 minutes from when you move out into the open city and played through while fraps recorded.

Here’s the results that I’ve gotten from Fraps during brotherhood on the 6870 Crossfire;

Assassins Creed Brotherhood - ResultsAssassins Creed Brotherhood - Results

At first, I was slightly surprised by the frames, they’re quite high, the game ran very smooth, however I wasn’t quite expecting the average frames to be that high. So far, the 6870 Crossfire is handling games very well, and might be a little “overkill” for only 1920x1080, although I have the impression that with some of the more GPU intensive scenes in the game, that the minimum FPS would drop below 60, but not in the section I played through anyway.