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Review: AMD Radeon 6870 Crossfire Benchmarks and Review

Martin is dual graphics card mad this week putting two 6870's through their paces to see just how they compete against todays big hitters

3DMark 11

3D Mark 113D Mark 11

3DMark 11, as I stated earlier, is the successor from 3DMark 06, which was becoming more and more CPU bound as the years went on, no longer able to gauge the performance of the latest graphics cards, we now have the DirectX 11 benchmark released from 3DMark, though in some cases we could consider Shattered Horizon as a benchmark replacement from 3DMark06, a purely DX10 game from Futuremark and very GPU intensive it was.

As I noted earlier, I’ll be using the “Performance Preset”, as this is all that’s available on the free version. To record the performance, I simply ran the benchmark, which when finished, links to Futuremarks website with the result and then an overview of the system used, however it doesn’t always get the correct information, not to fret it doesn’t affect the score.

3D Mark 11 Score3D Mark 11 Score

Here’s the score, taken from the aforementioned website;





The performance figures produced by the 6870 Crossfire are mighty impressive, you can see them in Futuremarks stats here, making the 6870 Crossfire very competitive against other similar systems, I’m sure with running the CPU at a higher frequency and overclocking the graphics cards, you’d be able to get into the next section of scores.

Similar System ScoreSimilar System Score