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Review: NVIDIA GTX680 SLi Review and Benchmarks

Martin wasn't happy testing just one GTX680, he wanted a second to really push the performance



For the third title I’ve chosen the iconic BF3. This is one of the more popular PC games at this time, pretty much directly competing with MW3. It’s a visually stunning shooter and would be hard not too recommended for anyone whom wants to play a multiplayer FPS at this time.

For BF3 I ran the game using one of the defaults, in this case; Ultra, at 1920x1080 and full screen, nothing else was changed except from turning off Vsync, the IQ of this game really is something else and is by far one of the best looking games out in current times, here’s the frame rates that the GTX680 SLI achieved compared to a stock GTX 680;

BF3 ResultsBF3 Results

I’m sure people looking at these frame rates are green with envy; I know I am, knowing I’m having to give this GPU horse power back. Average frame rates are quite literally throw the roof with plenty of headroom to be able to push a 2560x1440 monitor (How I wish I had one). Minimums are very impressive (To the scale that some people would want them as averages!), scaling at a quick glance again is quite impressive.

Average FPS Scaling; 84.5%

Dirt 3

Dirt 3Dirt 3

Next up we have Dirt 3, this is the successor to the first DX11 title; Dirt 2. Dirt 3 is pretty much more of the same; you’ve got your different race types, ranging from rally, to one on ones, to your run of the mill first out of X wins. I’m not much of a racing game fan, but I’ve never had a problem having a casual play of either Dirt 2 or 3, they’re nice and easy to get into with a varying amount of difficulties.

For Dirt 3 I ran the Ultra preset at 1920x1080 with full screen while disabling Vsync. This gave, like Dirt 2 some of the better visuals I’ve experienced in a game, especially for a racing game.

Here are the results of the GTX 680 SLI compared to a GTX680 ;

Dirt 3 ResultsDirt 3 Results

At a quick glance, on this game the figures don’t seem to scale very well, while we’re ruining incredibly high frame rates the scaling certainly isn’t anything like what I’d have expected, perhaps it’s a driver issues, perhaps it’s intentionally throttling itself, or maybe even a CPU bottleneck? One things for certain, there’s a lot of performance left back that isn’t being used here, perhaps I’d see better scaling with a higher resolution or running them in 3D.

Average FPS Scaling; 43.2%