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Wii U release delayed in Europe

But Nintendo are still hoping for a holiday release

The latest home entertainment instalment from console contender Nintendo is said to be subject to a delay in Europe, not due to the manufacturing of the console but the manufacturing of the LCD equipped controller.

Wii U - BlackWii U - Black

The Wii U console which is rumoured to be launched at some point in November in the US is now suggested to be December for the European market.

The delays caused with the manufacturing of the controller don’t come as all too surprising given its over complication for a controller, it’s practically a hand held console in its own right - boasting the following specifications and features:

  •     Built-in 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
  •     Speakers and Microphone
  •     Front-facing camera
  •     IR Sensor strip
  •     6.2 inch (15.7 cm) 16:9 resistive touchscreen
  •     Two clickable analogue sticks and one D-pad
  •     Stylus
  •     Select, Start, Home and Power buttons
  •     A/B/X/Y face buttons, L/R bumper buttons and ZL/ZR trigger buttons
  •     Rumble
  •     Controller sync button
  •     Bluetooth
  •     NFC

Quite the specification for a controller which is also said to be able to play games without the requirement of the console. One thing we hope doesn’t hinder the Wii U sales is that the console only supports one of these touch screen controllers at a time.