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NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover has sent its first colour panoramic picture

A colour panoramic picture from the surface of the red planet was received by NASA

At exactly 1:31am Eastern Time on Monday the 6th the Curiosity rover flawlessly executed its Mars landing (pictured below) and shortly after a series of equipment and control tests started sending pictures.

Curiosity's landing scheduleCuriosity's landing schedule

Yesterday however the rover started sending its first colour panoramic picture of the rocky red planet’s surface, although at 2MB per file it will take some time for the complete image but here’s what we have so far:

First colour panoramic picture from NASA's CuriosityFirst colour panoramic picture from NASA's Curiosity

Over the next few days we’re hoping to see some exciting pictures of the planet as Curiosity makes its way towards the base of a nearby 5.5km high mountain. Once there Curiosity will probe rocks that were thought to be laid down billions of years ago by the presence of water.

Curiosity will probe these sediments for any information on past environments the planet may have held and any evidence microbial life.