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Demonoid seizure provokes hacktivisist attacks by Anonymous

As Newton's Third Law states - For ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction, as Anonymous reacts to Demonoid takedown by taking down Ukrainian websites owned and operated by Ukrainian authorities

After popular file sharing website and torrent tracker Demonoid was taken offline by Ukranian officials, file sharing websites worldwide have been alive with chatter concerning the take down and more importantly the registered members' data and how that may be used against them.

Regardless of the laws broken and the worry about who has done wrong, Anonymous has setup a new operation dedicated to the Demonoid cause: #OpDemonoid

DDoS attacks aimed at Ukranian officials’ websites have already begun and Anonymous’ #OpDemonoid clearly states its demands:

“#OpDemonoid has the following objectives:

1. Restore Demonoid services by any means necessary and, if possible, facilitate a series of mirror sites operated by free Anons everywhere. In essence, open source Demonoid.

2. Retaliate against those responsible for the interruption. And Lulz.

Our work will require time and patience but when we’re successful, and we will be, Demonoid will live again”

Although it’s not quite clear what will happen with the information and registered user data that was gained in the seizure TorrentFreaks editor Ernesto van der Sar told BBC News earlier today that “I think it is highly unlikely they will pursue more than a handful of users if any at all."

We all know Anonymous is an idea, not a certain person or group of people we can specifically point a finger at. However the idea seems to have set its sights on a little payback