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CCL Overclocked bundles are back

Our technicians are tinkering once again to bring the highest possible performance to our motherboard bundle range with our new Overclocked Motherboard Bundles

We at CCL are once again offering a range of overclocked bundles with hardware carefully selected to offer the highest performance output and stability.

Our overclocked range allows users to get more from their system than available as standard, giving you huge performance gains and amazing value for money.

One of the biggest drawbacks of overclocking your own system is that it often results in a voided warranty however we still offer the same 3 year warranty on our overclocked motherboard bundles that we offer on our standard ones.

Another concern when overclocking is that as the hardware frequency is increased thermal output increases in a linear fashion however to combat this we ship all of our overclocked systems with an aftermarket higher performance cooler to ensure your temperatures are as close to – if not lower, than standard.

All of our overclocked bundles are stability tested for 24 hours after each overclocking attempt; if an overclock fails stability tests within this time then the process is started again until the bundle passes the full 24 hours without any problems.

Our current range of bundles is available here :

CCL Pre Overclocked Bundles.