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Review: NVIDIA GTX680 Review and Benchmarks

Martin takes the NVIDIA GTX680 to it's limits and pits it against some of the latest and most demanding games available today. Then overclocks it and does it again











For the second title I’ve chosen Alien Versus Predator. This was one of the first DX11 titles that was available, it’s quite an atmospheric game and at times it’ll really give you the creeps, especially with aliens coming out of the shadows when you least expect it. Quite a good game and definitely worth a play through.

On AVP I ran all the settings at their highest, including DX11, running 4xMSAA with tessellation at 1920x1080. Even without monitoring frame rates I could tell they’d be decent, the game was butter smooth while looking the part.

I wasn’t into PC gaming around the times that the original games came out, so I can’t quite gauge how this compares to them, a comparison in IQ between them would be rendered moot due to the age difference of the games. Here are the results that I got while playing AVP on my GTX680;


The GTX680 puts up quite an impressive display with the second DX11 game reviewed. AVP like Anno 2070 before it looked both beautiful and was running smooth as silk. There was a small part in the game which saw a dip, hence the minimum FPS, it seemed to stutter a little, I’d put that down to immaturity of the drivers, but it was only noticeable in one instance, the rest of the time it was pumping out frames like there was no tomorrow and the average results are testament to that.



Battlefield 3Battlefield 3

For the third title I’ve chosen the iconic BF3. This is one of the more popular PC games at this time, pretty much directly competing with MW3. It’s a visually stunning shooter and would be hard not to recommended for anyone whom is wanting to play a multiplayer FPS at this time.
For BF3 I ran the game using one of the defaults, in this case; Ultra, at 1920x1080 and full screen, nothing else was changed except from turning off Vsync, the IQ of this game really is something else and is by far one of the best looking games out in current times.
I hadn’t played the previous Battlefield games, however I had played the competing Call of Duty games. For the most part BF3 is par for the course, all FPS games obey the same premise, similar guns and similar multiplayer, BF3’s standout point is its multiplayer which features some huge battles. Here are the results that I acquired;


One thing I will point out is that I was running single player when I was benchmarking the results, if one was to run multiplayer, you’d likely get much different results, which would also vary game from game as there’s many different variables when playing online. As you can see, the GTX680 handles the game very, very well, again getting over 60 FPS on average, although again has some dips, nothing that is particularly game breaking, but overall a very solid experience offered by the GTX680.