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Working from Home: All the tech you need for your home office     Click Here

Review: NVIDIA GTX680 Review and Benchmarks

Martin takes the NVIDIA GTX680 to it's limits and pits it against some of the latest and most demanding games available today. Then overclocks it and does it again


Here today with me I have an Nvidia GTX680, their reply to AMD’s flagship Radeon 7970. From the leaks of information and rumours before and after the launch of the Nvidia GTX680, it’s been suggested that the Nvidia GTX680 didn’t start off as the flagship single GPU part, regardless it’s been tweaked appropriately and priced accordingly and been released for all intents and purposes as Nvidia’s flagship GPU which has performance to merit that flagship title which I’ll go over shortly.

Initial Impressions

When I first opened up the Nvidia GTX680, I was quite taken aback by its size, I had currently been using a Powercolor PCS+ 7950 and was surprised that the Nvidia GTX680 was shorter than it, all things considered it was one of the smaller cards I’d had in my system. In the box, was the standard driver issued at date of release, along with a DVI/HDMI convertor and manuals (Which, all go in a box of spare parts, like I’m sure many of you who buy GPU’s do).
Upon starting the system, and given Nvidia’s perception of rather hotter and louder cards, I was again surprised by how quiet the reference cooling was. Having never had an Nvidia card bar some 470’s in a friends system I built (Which, I’m sure you’re aware, are VERY loud) I didn’t have much point of reference, except my already exceptionally quiet PCS+ 7950, the fact the reference cooling of the GTX680 was on par with the custom cooled card had me off to a positive start.


Set up

Here are the system specs of the machine that I’ve been using during the GTX680 Review

  • I5 2500k 4.6GHZ
  • 16GB 1600MHZ CL9 Memory
  • Asus Maximus IV Extreme P67
  • 120GB Crucial M4
  • 2TB Samsung F4
  • Palit Nvidia GTX680
  • 850W XFX Pro Series PSU
  • Dell P22310H

Notes: I’m using the first official Nvidia GTX680 drivers, all tests are at 1920x1080 using the settings specified in each different test, and any anomalies that come out in testing I’ll discuss and review accordingly. I’ll also be running some overclocked results which I’ll note clearly as to not confuse with stock GTX 680 results.