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CCL Return from Insomnia 45

CCL return in one piece from the first LAN of the year

For those who aren’t familiar with the Insomnia LAN series it is organised and executed by one of the UKs largest gaming and voice server providers – Multiplay, and a LAN is an event where gamers gather in hordes with their PC’s in hand, usually in large halls or event centres like the Telford International centre for example. They all plug their computers into a Local Area Network for a weekend of multiplayer gaming for fun and competition. These events usually have competitions in which the victors can walk away with cash prizes and even new hardware.

CCL First started attending the Insomnia events at Insomnia 40 and we have shown up year after year trying to keep things fresh and entertaining in an attempt to keep the gamers coming back to our booth during the event. Our most recent Insomnia was (as the title states) i45 and we’re glad to say it was a very successful event and one of our best Insomnias to date. Year upon year we have evolved our dynamics to try and suit our wide variety of demographics. Richard, myself and Tom seem to be the perfect mix for these kinds of events and as a result of our different inputs have made our events what they are today. We will be attending i46 this summer and are hoping for it to be an even bigger and better LAN than i45 was.

But we’re not the only company you can find at these events, if you head over to our YouTube page you can find more information out about the many manufacturers and vendors who are also on display in the exhibition hall and what they were offering the event goers while they were there at i45, one manufacturer Cooler Master who co-sponsor TCM with CCL. TCM are a gaming team who stole the show with some fantastic victories this year winning the BF3 finals and CoD4 championships at i45 only to leave and win even more around Europe this week alone.

Below is an example overview video from insomnia 44 that was filmed and edited by yours truly although we now have new equipment as you can tell by looking at the exhibitor coverage from insomnia 45 also filmed and edited by me.