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Augment Reality with Google's Project Glass

Google yesterday announced thier Glass project we at CCL want a pair.... Now.

Augmenting reality, soon to be a reality. Google confirmed the rumours about their augmented reality glasses yesterday in a Google + post (Available here) where they revealed the concept and prototype of their Google Glasses.

The glasses seem to be best described as a wearable heads up display unit with smart phone notification functionality. There's no current hardware specifications for the device but it would be safe to assume that they aren't especially high powered although some questions are raised around how the unit maintains a constant connection we can only speculate that it would either tether to your 3G enabled phone or have its own method of connecting.

Also one question being raised is if the unit is operated by speech how does it differentiate if the operator is talking to the device of generally having a conversation with a friend.

The commercial-esque video below does raise some safety questions, although what doesn't these days?















We at CCL will personally be looking forward to any future news and updates on this project. Also for anybody interested the song in the video is Lovers' Carvings by Bibio as it somehow managed to get stuck in my head whilst writing this review - duh duh doooo.