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Google Street View gives birth to Google Art Project

Ever wanted to walk around and view the fine art on the walls of the white house? Well now you can thanks to Google Art Project

Google are at it again with their 360 degree view cameras and trolleys, pushing them around the art galleries and tourist attractions of the world. Google Art Project which was announced in February is now set to go live Wednesday 4th of April.
















Google have adapted their Street View technology to allow Google Art Project users to view galleries and museums around the world via a free virtual tour.

Some images have been individually photographed for high-resolution viewing using ‘gigapixel’ cameras allowing you to see every brush flick in the oil based paint and every teeny tiny thumb print on the ancient pottery. Google say they want to bring these masterpieces which are often reserved for the privileged, to a wider audience for free.   Amit Sood head of the Google Art Project said “You can explore individual pieces of art like you’ve never done before” and “You get to travel from your computer to some of the greatest museums in the world, but also some of the museums in the world that you’ve never heard of.”

Although it’s not without its sceptics, Rachel Campbell-Johnston (Chief art critic for The Times) said: “The idea that you go on a pilgrimage to find an artwork, you discover it, you stand in front of it and it’s embodied in the whole experience of the artwork – it’s how you got there, how you felt, the effort you made” and “Google Art obviously gets rid of a lot of that. You just push a button and there it is.” – We think that’s the whole idea. Its opening these works of art to the people who can’t afford to get to said galleries to see the works of art that are hanging on their walls. There are works of art all over the world that I’m sure many people would love to see in their life time however it may never make the top of the financial commitment list to enable people to take that trip, Google Art Project allows people to see in great detail the works of some of the greatest minds in human history.

More information and a plethora of art available at