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Noiseblocker M12-S2 Multiframe S-Series 120mm Chassis & Case Fan Review

Today Connell takes a look at the Noiseblocker M12-S2 Chassis fans giving us his spin on the German fan manufacturer

Retail Packaging of the M12-S2

Retail Packaging of the M12-S2

Finding 120mm fans is no issue nowadays with the majority of cases and even coolers, having support for 120mm fans. The problem occurs when trying to find quiet fans or more specifically fans that are going to be inaudible to you – some here would say silent but let’s not get onto how the industry butchered that word. Noiseblocker are a fourteen year old German IT company who specialise in cooling products. Not well known to everyone they are quickly gaining a great reputation for having quiet fans that still push a decent amount of air. Today I have with me a couple of their M12-S2 fans from their Multiframe series. The series has both faster and slower variants, 80mm versions as well as Noiseblocker also offering other fans which cater for 140mm, 92mm, 60mm and even 40mm sizes.

The M12-S2 is a 1250 RPM fan with a nominal voltage of 12V but also with a reasonably low start voltage. Those with fan controllers will be happy as these fans only need 4.5V to get going, although some others in the series do require a higher voltage. Noiseblocker quote the volume of these fans as 19dB(A) and as able to push 87 m3 per hour -  roughly 51 CFM (cubic feet per minute) - of air.

This has probably been said many a time but what is different about these fans is their design. They are designed to create as few vibrations as possible and any they do create are intended to be made difficult to be passed onto the case. Noiseblocker have done this by using a multipart frame where the mounting points are made completely of rubber. Also included is a rubber grommet which you attach to the side of the fan that will be near to the case and that provides extra dampening. A case sticker and some fan screws finish off what is included in the box.

The cable between the fan and the three pin connector being braided just finishes off the fan in an air that looks nice, while giving a sense of quality. Attaching the grommet is no issue at all, taking a few seconds to work out which way the airflow goes, which way round you want the fan and then pushing the grommet onto the correct side. Installing the fan has a strange feeling as screwing into rubber has next to no resistance so you don’t feel as though you are making any progress but the fans are held securely. Listening to them, or should I say attempting to listen to them you can only hear a slight sound of the rush of air, which from a distance is nothing at all. They may be fairly expensive but being similarly priced to Noctua’s offerings they are visually a lot more appealing and offering the same warranty as Noctua, of 6 years, they are well worth it! I will personally be back for more as a quiet life is worth it without the worry of the fan bearing going, leaving me out of pocket and looking for better ones in several months time.