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Fuel Crisis : Woman from York Suffers 40% Burns

Francis Maude told motorists to store fuel at home but his junior and shall we note ex fireman Mike Penning said it was a bad idea. I guess we should listened to the ex fireman.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services (NYFRS) were called to a property in the Acomb area of York yesterday involving a female in her mid 40's. The lady was transferring fuel from one container to another in her kitchen whilst de-canting the fuel the petrol ignited and set fire to her clothing unfortunately resulting in 40% burns over her entire body. The woman was taken to Pinderfeilds hospital in Wakefield although her current condition is not known to us.

2 Fire-fighters wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel jet to extinguish the small fire in the kitchen and disposed of the remaining petrol.

Peter Hudson spokes for NYFRS said:

"Members of the public should take extreme care when handling and storing petrol and be aware of the risks associated with incorrect use and storage of fuel"


"Never bring petrol inside your home. If you do smell petrol fumes in a garage or outside storage building ventilate the area and make sure nobody smokes or turns any electrical switches on or off"