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What's new to CCL this week

Our weekly blog bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

Welcome to another edition of the almost (was on holiday last week) weekly roundup of new products and items to hit the virtual shelves of CCL Online. It's been a busy old week with a brand new graphics card launch on Thursday and all the regular new products; read on for my best picks.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler Cards Launch at CCL

It?s always an exciting time when a new product launches, and graphics card launches are amongst some of the best. This week saw the launch of the long-awaited GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card codenamed Kepler.

The GTX 680 is touted by NVIDIA as their fastest and most efficient graphics card they've ever built, and the reviews on the Internet seem to be very encouraging. Here at CCL I'm yet to test the card myself (all our stock sold-out pretty much instantly!), however we are due more stock today (Friday 23rd March) and we are planning on building up a gaming system to test the performance first hand; keep an eye out on CCL Tech for a more in-depth review and further details later.

Coolermaster Intros New GX Lite Power Supply Units

You may be aware of the brand Cooler Master as we have used many of their high-quality cases in our prebuilt CCL systems. But did you know they also have a range of ATX power supplies? This week saw their range of supplies expanded with the launch of the new Cooler Master GX Lite Supplies. These power supplies are designed for systems in the mid to high range but without the often associated high prices. We find the GX Lite supplies provide users with unsurpassed cost per performance. They feature a single 12 V rail, proficiently delivering power all the way up to 86%-88%, and also offer support for the most demanding components including processors, drives and cooling fans. We have the 500W, 600W and 700W supplies ready to order.

View our range of Cooler Master PSUs here.

MadCatz Streetfighter Gamepads and Arcade Sticks

Here at CCL we don?t just deal with PCs; we also have plenty of accessories for consoles too! This week saw our range expanded to include the new MadCatz Streetfigher Gamepads and Arcade Sticks. The designing of the accessory are based around the new hit game Streetfigher X Tekken, and we have both the Xbox 360 and PS3 pads and sticks listed. The gamepads are officially licenced by both Capcom and Namco Bandai and are a Super Deformed design inspired by Capcom?s Yoshinori Ono, they feature a 6-button layout with additional multispeed turbo functionality. We have the pads in many different designs including ?Sagat & Dhalsim vs Hwoarang & Steve?, ?Chun-Li & Cammy vs Julia & Bob? and my personal favourite design ?Ryu & Ken vs Kazuya & Nina?

The arcade sticks have the same great features as the pads including the useful turbo switch! The sticks use Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi joystick & buttons in the traditional arcade 8-button layout. Both the PS3 and 360 versions have a huge 4m USB cable, and also feature a handy storage compartment for efficient cable management. If you?re into your beat ?em ups, these new MadCatz peripherals are well worth a look at.

Thanks for reading! If you want further updates about our new products, be sure to keep an eye on CCL Tech for my weekly update or visit our dedicated new products page.

Feel free to add in the comments if you have a particular product you are looking for.