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What's new to CCL this week

Welcome to a new weekly blog on CCL Tech bringing you the latest products to arrive on our website.

First of all let me introduce myself! I'm Rich and I work in the web and marketing dept. here at CCL. Part of my role is setup and look after product listings on the website. I often get asked by customers and staff members what new and interesting products have been set up this week, so to answer that question I have started this little blog showcasing just a few of the standout products that we add to our product range each week.

Microlab Speaker Range Expanded to Include New Solo 5C and FC730 Speakers

I was first introduced to the Microlab range of speakers late last year, just before the insomnia i44 gaming event, we were sent a pair of the Solo 6C speakers and we were blown away! The sound and build quality was excellent and the 50W output was so impressive we actually took the speakers to the event and used them on our display stand for our PA system! Microlab has now released the new Solo 5C version, housed in a slightly smaller cabinet when compared to the 6C. These speakers would be ideal for bookshelves or maybe sat on a larger desk. Despite being in a smaller cabinet sound performance hasn't been affected one bit; in fact these small speakers are actually more powerful than the older 5Cs not at 80 watts. The Solo Speakers are definitely worth considering if you are in the market for some top quality speakers.

Microlab also manufacture some cracking award winning surround sound systems and their new FC730 5.1 setup is among one of their best yet! The Microlab premier range, the FC series is based on the FINE CONE designed by Acoustic expert, Peter Larsen. This design follows strict discipline in speaker designs to achieve perfect linear frequency response curve. The individual speakers are built to the same great high standards as their 2.0 speakers; the 5.1 set includes a separate amplifier unit with full controls on both the amplifier and via IR remote control. Other 5.1 sets from Microlab have won awards in the UK including Editors Choice awards in Micromart Magazine and we expect the FC730 to do equally as well when it comes round to review.

View our Product Page for the Microlab Speakers Here

Samsung Ultra Durable SD Memory Cards Arrive in 8, 16 and 32GB Flavours

When someone mentions an SD card most people will think of a boring looking often flimsy black or blue plastic memory card with a white label, well Samsung are here to change that stereotype! Their new range of SDHC memory cards feature a glorious and stylish brushed aluminium metal body, the styling however is not purely cosmetic, the new cards are capable of withstanding the pressure of a 1.6ton vehicle, they are waterproof even in seawater and are also resistant to the magnetic forces. Specification wise they come in 8, 16 and 32GB capacities with a speed performance rating of class 10.

View the New Samsung Memory Cards in our SD Memory Section of the CCL Website

Duracell In-car and Home Mobile Phone Chargers now in-stock

The Duracell range of mobile phone power accessories provide superior quality and performance in a superbly designed charger. As you would expect from such a trusted name as Duracell, we are now selling these quality chargers for all the popular mobile phones manufacturers including Apple, Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung. We stock both the UK three-pin mains chargers and the 12v in-car style adapters making them ideal for traveling or as a replacement if your original charger is lost or broken.

Order your new replacement charger today

Thanks for reading! If you want further updates about our new products, be sure to keep an eye on CCL Tech for my weekly update or visit our dedicated new products page.

Feel free to add in the comments if you have a particular product you are looking for.


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