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Last chance to download Far Cry 3 for free

You've got until 7:30 am on September 11th to claim it!

With Ubisoft’s announcement that the upcoming Far Cry 6 has gone Gold ahead of its October 7th release, more good news preceded with the notice on Sept 7th that Far Cry 3 will be free to download until September 11th at 7.30am your local time.

Ubisoft won’t let us forget about the Far Cry series ahead of the release of the latest instalment (not that we have) and giving away Far Cry 3 is one of the best ways to remind us why we love the Far Cry series. The iconic Vaas Montenegro is among the best antagonists in gaming ever, so we’re excited and enthused to be visiting Rooke Islands yet again. And this time for free.



The game can be downloaded for free directly from Ubisoft, and it is yours to keep forever, as long as you download before Sept 11th 2021, 7.30am your local time.

You will need to register with Uplay in order to download Far Cry 3, as the Steam version is still full price, but Uplay is free to register and download.

If you’ve never played Far Cry 3, this is a perfect time to try it. We love game theories just as much as the next person, and there are already some who have started to theorise that perhaps Far Cry 6 could be a prequel to Far Cry 3.


Comparison between two characters and their similarities

Photo credit: Twitter


Far cry 3 has won 13 game awards and has seen a massive critical and fan success, so it is an excellent game to own if you don’t own it already.

In the words of Vaas himself:

The world is a diagonal... I am the balancing point.


The main antagonist of Far Cry 3


Get Far Cry 3 for free here until 7:30am, September 11th 2021.