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Samsung Smart Cam HD 1080P WiFi - Review

Mark takes a look at the Samsung Smart Cam HD home security camera with a hands-on review.

With the need for home security increasing, I would like to introduce the Samsung home user IP Camera. With simplicity and full HD to capture crisp clear images, should someone decide to invade your privacy or damage your property, you will feel safe and secure with this camera. Having the need to purchase one of these myself recently, I can say it’s by far the best network camera I have ever come across. It has all of the features you could ever want for a home security camera, without monthly fees to cover storage.

First of all, I’ll give you a rundown of the features:

- 1080p Full HD captures everything in full when in use on a laptop or PC. What’s great about this is that, if in use on a mobile device, you can still get HD up to 720P.

- Two-Way Talk - Not really a security feature as such but, if at home and in another room, it’s a great way to get the animals off the sofa!

- Motion and Audio Detection - This is most useful when monitoring outside, e.g. the car or garden. Anything coming in contact with the area in focus or walking past, the camera will automatically record a clip of what’s happening and then send an alert via app notification or email.

- Local Storage - As mentioned earlier, most IP Camera use cloud storage which require a monthly fee. However, as this camera is aimed at being a security camera, it uses MicroSDHC cards which have 32GB, which captures around 4 days footage.

- True Day & Night - This is exactly as it sounds, you will get a clear image at night. I can honestly say that this is a very true statement as all night footage my camera captures is easy to view and you are able to identify objects regardless of it being dark. It does capture up to 16 feet away too so distance isn’t an issue.

There are obviously many more features of this camera, however the above points are what most people will look at first when choosing an IP camera (in my opinion).