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Working from Home: All the tech you need for your home office     Click Here

MSI Radeon R9 270X ITX Review

MSI's latest AMD ITX Graphics Card gets put under the spotlight.

Following my previous article on the Cooler Master Elite 110 ITX here. I have been looking further into the graphics card options for an ITX build, I was pleased to learn about an ITX graphics from MSI,  not the ITX GeForce GTX 760 mentioned in the article but an AMD card, the R9 270X MINI-ITX GAMING.

Interested to learn more I’ve had one sent to the office, for a closer look.  And here we have it, my first look at the card and what looks like it should be a great card choice for anyone looking to build an ITX Gaming PC – many thanks to MSI for providing me with the review card.

Straight away looking at the box you can tell this is going to be a small card, the box is tiny, measuring just 31.7cm wide x 17.7cm deep & 5.0cm tall.  The design of the box is similar to that of the other MSI gaming series products, sporting their dragon logo and also a recommended logo from eSports team Fnatic.  The reverse of the box covers the main features of the card: An exclusive Radax Fan, an Overclocking Utility, a piece about the Military Class components used also listed are the technical features and the minimum system requirements.

 Opening the Box we get the first glimpse of card, sat in its anti-static bag, all encased in some high quality anti shock foam, to the left of the card we have a small box containing some adapters and cables, and on top the MSI branded Drivers and Utilities CD, and just in case you need a little instruction manual, there is one hidden away under all that protective foam.

 Once fully unwrapped from the anti-static bag we can see the card in all its glory, there are still the protective caps on the PCI socket and covering the ports and a thin film covering what appears to be the MSI dragon from box design.