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Sumvision Cyclone Nano2 Slim Review

Dave tries out one of the latest media players

Final Thoughts

Given the time I have spent with the Sumvsion Cyclone Nano2 Slim, I was impressed once I had updated XBMC in what it could do as a media player, with it handling everything in my media collection with absolutely no issues. As a standard Android device you are limited in what else you can do however.

One of my main complaints is the farcical remote control, which would occasionally get itself stuck scrolling up or down; but once I began to use an actual keyboard and mouse combo it was leaps and bounds better. There are other better Android remote controls which do improve on this if a media centre keyboard is not something you want to use however.

It also surprisingly gets quite hot, although in my usage this did not seem to affect playback at all.

Currently I have this set up as my main media centre device, and with a better remote control this would have got an award from me, but the remote control really, really is quite bad and it brings the unit down in my opinion.

As stated once setup with a good control or media centre keyboard this is a good solid item, I would advise against using the inbuilt Wi-Fi if you are streaming as it is a bit problematic and quite slow.