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Sumvision Cyclone Nano2 Slim Review

Dave tries out one of the latest media players


I’ve been looking for an all in one media streamer for a while now, this meant that as soon as the Sumvision Cyclone Nano2 Slim media streamer became available I immediately purchased one to give it a go. One of my reasons for this purchase is the history that Sumvision has with such devices.

They are the company that made the impressive Cyclone Micro media player, a device that was one of the first that made it amazingly simple to play media files from your PC on your TV; something that would have required said PC or a laptop to be connected to your TV to do in the past.

The thing is more and more people are using a centralised storage device such as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) to store all the media in a household this allows it to be accessible 24x7 and also means that you do not have to have your PC on to be able to play files.

All of this means that there is more and more demand for items like the Cyclone Nano Slim2 as it is able to stream files from these centralised stores as well as having the ability to perform many other tasks due to the Android operating system embedded within.

About Sumvision

We adopt a first-hand approach to providing the best value for money PC components and entertainment devices to the technology market.We supply a wide variety of goods from basic media discs holder to Complex media players and tablets.We are first to develop and provide some of the most best and unique products in market, like the Cyclone Micro media player's "the world’s smallest portable media player"Our Company guarantees to provide the most update technology and products to customer's satisfaction. All of our products are cost effective, durable and sometimes unique in the market.We have over 10 year’s experiences in Europe and China, South Africa and Australia.



The Packaging

The Sumvision Cyclone Nano2 Slim comes in a small box that is emblazoned with app icons all around the box.


The front however has a picture of the Nano2 Slim itself.


And the rear has a bit of information regarding what the Cyclone can do.