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Sapphire R7 260X Graphics Card Review

Looking for an upgrade that won't break the bank?


Sapphire have a solid card on their hands here, for people wanting a quick and easy upgrade to a mid-range PC, and are looking at AMD cards this 260X should not be overlooked.

Despite being pre-overclocked the Sapphire R7-260X card had a bit of overclocking headroom for those that like to tinker with their cards settings, with any overclock being comfortably seen off by the large cooler. One thing to note is that the at stock R7-260X comes quite close in price and performance to the nVidia GTX 750, which matches or beats it in performance in some benchmarks. But when overclocked this is somewhat negated.

No doubt that this will make for a hard decision for some people, as the GTX750 uses less power than the R7-260X (it doesn’t require any additional power) to get similar performance results. One thing this model of 260X does have however is the additional outputs on the rear which allow for greater connectivity and connection of up to 4 screens with eyefinity.

I would like to thank Sapphire for providing me with this card to review.