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Sapphire R7 260X Graphics Card Review

Looking for an upgrade that won't break the bank?


I sit here having opened a box from Sapphire, and pondering the last Sapphire Card I ever purchased. It was a while ago, and some of you may have also purchased the same card, one renown for an ability to unlock to improve its performance. That card? I am of course talking about the brilliant Sapphire X800GTO2 which using software you could unlock 4 extra pixel pipelines, as well as overclocking it, effectively made the card an X850XT which was not a cheap card. Unlocking was done by way of flashing the cards BIOS and back then this was a scary procedure that if it failed and made your expensive items into shiny paper weights.

Now before I stroll any further down memory lane, let’s take a look at what I am going to be reviewing today. Straight from Sapphire, we have an AMD Radeon R7-260X, which sits quite plumply in the middle of the road in terms of pricing, being available for under the 100 pound price mark. Today we are going to see what this gets you.



As the card itself is quite small, you would expect it to come in a box that would make the postman quiver, but no, Sapphire have been sane enough to provide it in a box that is perfectly suited.


The front of the box allows for a quick glance at the features of the card, including the fact that it has been supplied with 2GB of ram, but overall is pretty uncluttered.


The back of the box features specifications of the card as well as information regarding the GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture the R7-260X is infused with.

On the right hand side, it goes a bit more into the features of the card including the technology behind the fan that Sapphire have fitted, and the advanced power saving features.

Opening it all up, you get to see the box in all its glory, Sapphire use cardboard packaging that can be recycled.


You can see some of the things that Sapphire pack in with the 260X in the image above but let’s take a bit of a closer look.


All stacked up, you get a Crossfire Bridge, a Molex to PCI-e converter, a DVI to VGA adaptor, and the usual manual and booklets. Interestingly you also get a card to enable you to sign up to the Sapphire Select Club.