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Attitude One Vintorez Gaming Mouse Review

The first in a series by Dave of potential products, highlighting some brands that we may carry in future.


After playing with the software, I decided it was time to get to get to seeing how well the Vintorez worked in games.

Up first is a game that I am currently playing through co-op with fellow writer Dan, Dead Island. While it may seem a bit out of the ordinary, it is a game that at least for keyboard and mouse users means a lot of sweeping and clicking. Lots and lots of clicking.

Despite its age, Dead Island is still a very pretty game, but one that requires a lot from mouse buttons. I am pleased to say that during a long gaming session the Vintorez had no issues.

Next up was one my preferred FPS games Counter Strike, another game that can ask a lot of mice. Once again, even after a long session the Vintorez held up surprisingly well.

The shape of the Vintorez may be a bit annoying for those who sweep and lift, as it requires a fairly firm grip to lift the mouse and in my testing sometimes meant accidental presses of the side buttons.
Even after playing numerous other games, the Vintorez never became uncomfortable, despite its sharp shell.


In the end I am pleased with how the Attitude One Vintorez performed in my tests, it remained perfectly comfortable and I would have liked the option of more choice in the lighting modes, as well as the option of making more specific DPI selections.

Physically the side buttons are well placed and while the DPI Switch buttons are a bit fiddly to use, they never posed a problem when actually using the mouse. The mouse wheel is nice and smooth, and is a bit of a break from the normal notchy feel.

Feature wise the Vintorez punches well above its weight, with good macro options available, and 9 programmable buttons available to remap in the provided software, something not often seen on budget mice.

After using the Vintorez for a while, it became apparent that it is built very solidly and whilst not exactly a perfect mouse, the applied feature set make for an excellent base mouse for those looking for one.