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Razer to Make Own Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Could this be a game changer?


Yesterday Razer announced something a bit special, they are going to be using Razer branded switches in their own range of keyboards. Razer are going using two switches, namely Razer Green and Orange switches, with each switch being quite close to the Cherry MX Blue and Brown switches already used in the Ultimate and Stealth range of keyboards.
There is a lot of marketing behind the switches and whilst the actual manufacturer has not been revealed, it is believed that Chinese manufacturer Kailh is the one producing the new switches, although with higher tolerances put in place by Razer themselves.

The orange switch is a near copy of the MX Brown, so I won’t go into that too much. The Green switch is slightly different to the MX Blue and appears to have slight improvements; one of the main issues for the MX Blue is that it was never designed to be a true gaming switch, the design meant that the actuation point (the point at which the key press is registered) is lower than the reset point making for the chance of missed key presses, although the 3 other main switches (Brown, Black and Red) do not succumb to this problem.

The Razer Green switch has a slightly revised design to help reduce this problem, they have designed the switch to have a quicker actuation, which in turn means the reset point is closer to this point in the travel of the switch, which Razer say “allows for blazing fast actuations without having the need to bottom down into the keystroke each time.”

Whilst this switch appears primarily to be for Razers’ own hardware, they have also announced that the Razer mechanical switch is available to anyone looking to manufacture gaming-grade mechanical keyboards which could bring a lot more competition into the mechanical keyboard market, which surely cannot be a bad thing, can it?