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Wenger Pegasus - Review

A Break from hardware reviews, Dave gives his thoughts on a replacement for his old Alienware backpack.



Laptop bags may not be the most interesting thing available in the world of IT, but making a solid purchase is not always the easiest with a large gulf of quality between a good bag and a poor bag, and generally a large price difference as well.

In this review I will be looking at one from Wenger, namely the Wenger Pegasus, which is a 17” laptop backpack, currently available for around £55, and available at by clicking this link Wenger Pegasus Backpack


WENGER was founded in Delémont in the famous Swiss Jura in 1893. The company’s success has always been based on a passion for innovation, precision and outstanding craftsmanship – the most well-known WENGER product is definitely the genuine Swiss Army Knife. Today, the company produces around 250 different versions of its famous pocket knife as well as butcher and professional kitchen knives, which are known and valued around the world.

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Fits Most 17 inch Notebooks
COMP-U-FLEX Computer Pocket
Lifetime Warranty
Shock Absorbing Shoulder Straps iPod/Music Player Pocket
Air Flow Back Padding
Essentials Organizer
CaseBase Stabilizing Platform
Dual Handle System
Carrying Handle + Trolley
Complies with most airline restrictions for hand luggage (Permitted size for hand luggage of most airlines:
Organizer compartment for pens, business cards, phone and more (Permitted size for hand luggage of most airlines: Size (DxWxH): 9.8 x 22 x 17.7/ 25 x 56 x 45 cm NOTE: Some airlines may vary from standard size limit)



Normally I would actually write a bit about the packaging of the product, but the Wenger Pegasus comes almost ready to go, as it is just covered in a clear plastic bag.


The Product

The Wenger Pegasus is quite a substantial bag, which is partly because it can fit up to a 17” laptop, but it also has a fairly subdued look, favouring just a black and grey colour scheme with small red accents.


On the bag there are four main compartments and with two side pockets; these pockets also have elasticated covers which allows them to be used to hold bottles and the like.

It’s interesting to note the main compartment of the Wenger Pegasus does not unzip the full height of the bag, with the compartment only being unzippable to about half the side of the bag, the zip also has a kink to it, as the zip goes towards the front of the bag.

Inside this main compartment which is of a decent size. In here is a padded area to store your notebook or laptop, which has a Velcro strap that goes over the top of the pocket to help make sure the Laptop will not come loose from its area, this compartment also has a mesh pocket, which is about half the depth of the pocket, although there is enough room to potentially fit another laptop -barely! - if you use the mesh pocket this will take up this free space.

The middle pocket is of a decent size, similar to the main compartment, having only a small divide that can stretch into the free space.

The front compartment is smaller than the main two but is one that is fitted with many different slots and pockets, including a dedicated mobile phone pouch and several stacked slots; the mobile phone pouch also has what one would assume to be a memory stick pouch on it as well. This compartment has a larger zipped pocket at the top and another elasticated mesh pocket for easy access.

Besides the three main compartments, there is also a quick access pocket, which is a small pocket that resides between the third and second pocket, this has another smaller pocket inside which can be secured by way of a Velcro strap, but it's safe to say that you will not be able to get much overall in here.

To aid its ruggedness Wenger have included two carry handles, the first sits at the back and is just a standard stitched handle. The other handle is far more rugged handle, and is comprised of a plastic coated steel cable – much like some bicycle locks – this cable has a solid plastic handle, this is secured with two rivets at both ends.

The shoulder straps are also very good quality with lots of padding, and shock absorbing straps which help to reduce fatigue on the stitch points.

The rear of the bag also has several padded points which Wenger say are to increase airflow on the bag, which helps to keep the back of the back cool, and help to to reduce perspiration, if you are wearing it whilst cylcing etc.

A small point of note is the zips used by Wenger on the Pegasus, on each main compartment they have used two large and solid metal zips, which feature the Wenger logo, on the smaller pockets they have used slightly smaller but no less substantial zips.



This testing section will likely be a lot shorter than past reviews, unfortunately without really having the bag for a long while I am unable to really test the overall quality beyond how it has fared so well.

I have however been using this bag for several weeks now, to carry my laptop to and from work, whilst the British weather tried to make its mind up. In the rain the bag fared well with no seepage into the main compartments – although I cannot say how well it would handle a true downpour – but there was a small amount of water that seeped into the quick access compartment, so I would advise not keeping anything electronic in that pocket.

In terms of carrying capacity, the three compartments are certainly well sized and I managed to fit a lot more than I was expecting into them, whilst still also being able to pack out the smaller side and quick access pockets and even when fully loaded, the Wenger Pegasus is surprisingly comfy to carry.


Final Thoughts

Before I got the Wenger Pegasus I had been using a bag that was larger in physical size, but had decided to develop a rather large hole which reduced its usefulness. The Wenger after my few weeks of use has handled itself well enough and whilst I wish it could have been a little bit larger has managed to take everything I can throw at it.

Unfortunately there is one problem I have experienced with the bag itself which is probably related to the all-weather usage. The stylish eyelets on the front of the bag itself have already started to show signs of rusting, these don’t really have a purpose so I am not too worried, but just in case I have reached out to Wenger to see what they say.

One good thing to note is that Wenger back their bags with a lifetime warranty, meaning they certainly feel that they will stand the test of time.

The Wenger Pegasus is currently available for £52.92 and you can click below to purchase.