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Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Review

Mark takes a look at the latest lego game.


Well, I’m back with another review on, what is possibly the best Lego game since Lego Star Wars. Also with the most characters I’ve seen in a Lego game to date. So, as Wolverine would say, let’s get on with the review bub.



This is fantastic as there is so much to do in the game. This, along with Lego City Undercover, is an open world and, even though I have finished the game story wise, I still haven’t seen everything or even remotely come close to doing everything. We have mini lego races to do for one, and characters to find within the world, as this time you have to find them instead of just going to a terminal.

The story is obviously the main part and it’s spread out very well. The cut scenes involving the characters are great. They are represented very well due to the magnificent voice acting. As each mission moves forward, you also play as different characters, so it always mixes it up. You don’t stay as 3 (Sometimes it’s even more) set heroes and, due to this, it gives you a chance to play as characters you wouldn’t normally want to try. In typical lego fashion, you can smash everything for more lego and each level has its own puzzle and bosses. I particularly enjoyed playing as Spider-Man and Iron Man as they have the best lines and best gameplay over all.

You can’t not have fun playing this game. The jokes and overall enjoyment is mind blowing. This game might be aimed at kids, but it will definitely be a hit with adults too.

Now, this game might have heroes in the title but it wouldn’t be anything without the villains, who are good fun. You don’t really get to play as them until the end, which is a shame, as I would have loved to play some story levels as them. But heck, I can do it in free play.

The only gripe I had with the game was when you try to switch characters, it sometimes goes to the wrong one, even if you have aimed at the right character. However, this has been a problem with all the lego games for me.


As you can imagine, the story in this isn’t exactly hard to work out. All the bad guys are working together with Loki and Doctor Doom, as Doom is building - I’ll give you a guess - a Doom Ray of Doom. They have also stolen some Cosmic bricks, which they’re not supposed to have – tut tut! The story is told via the insanely cute cut scenes, which just keep you hooked into playing the game even more. It does help that it makes you giggle a hell of a lot.

See, look at how scary he is!

Level Design:

Well, I thought this deserved a mention of its own. I did wonder how they could achieve this with such a vast cast of characters,

and if they would make any of the levels similar to any of the marvel films. It turns out they did a very good job. The hub of the world is a heli-carrier, which does look like it belongs in the universe and suits the avengers theme. Now, if you have seen Thor, you will know of the shiny bridge and, I’m glad that parts of this made it into the game, as it looks quite nice and shows that they have taken notice of the films. The city itself when roaming around is just the usual design really, nothing fancy. Though going around it in Lego cars is quite odd and, at times, pointless. It’s just easier to fly around as Iron Man and, thanks to the good design, there are no random invisible walls you will fly into.

The Sandman fight, which is one of very first levels, was where the level design struck me from the beginning, as it suited the character perfectly and everything fit.


The graphics are very crisp, colourful, and clear and it does look stunning in HD. It’s a vibrant game. I can’t say it’s true next gen as, the difference between the old gen of 360/PS3 to PS4/Xbox One, is quite minimal. It’s there, but it shouldn’t let you be put off by the older gen versions, if that’s your only option. Everything blends in well, and there aren’t any jaggies that I could see on my play through. Also, it doesn’t push any of the consoles far in terms of ability, but I’d expect this, as Lego games all have the same art style that never needs to be changed.

The Problems:

Now I did encounter a couple of bugs which, whilst not game breaking, were quite annoying. Occasionally the game would say it was loading and sit on the loading screen with the spinning logo, and never go any further. The sound, etc is there, but just wouldn’t proceed. The only way around this was to close the game and re-launch it. I only had this twice, so wasn’t too bad. The other issue was, randomly after it loaded, it would just be a black screen. Again, you would hear sound and, if you tried to move a character, you would hear him moving about and smashing Lego objects. Similar to before, it required the game to be closed and launched again to fix it. That happened three times, but it may hopefully get patched at a later date.
They shouldn’t stop you from buying the game, as you may not even get the errors - not everyone does. Don’t panic, it isn’t your console - it’s the game.


Buy it! It really is that simple. You will surely have fun and the charm this game has will make you never want to put it down! I mean doesn't everyone want to be a hero from comics and film, and simply, this is the best way to do it. The vast amount of characters will always allow you to do something different, so it won’t feel repetitive. Go out, buy it, and have a Marvellous time! (See what I did there??)