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Catalyst 14.1 beta driver released

Mantle support added for graphics cards, and also drivers for Kaveri chips


AMD have been touting the performance improvements of its Mantle API recently, but now you too can experience the improvements first hand by downloading the latest AMD 14.1 Catalyst driver for your hardware. The biggest gains are going to be in games that support the Mantle API which currently limits you to Battlefield, but as with every driver update there are also improvements and optimisations which help performance in other games.

For those that have jumped on the latest Kaveri based AMD APU's you are also catered for. AMD have also just updated the non-beta Catalyst driver to version 13.301, this also encompasses OpenCL and game optimisations, to help squeeze more processing power out of AMD's latest FM2 chips.

You can download the non-beta driver for 64bit Win7/8/8.1 by clicking Right Here 

Or you can get the latest Windows Mantle beta driver by heading on over to Here or if Linux is your OS of choice head over to Here


Some of the highlights of the 14.1 driver are listed below, a full breakdown is available on each respective download page.


Highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 14.1 Beta Windows Driver
• Support for the following new AMD Desktop APU (Accelerated Processors) products:
o AMD A10-7850K
o AMD A10-7700K
• Mantle Beta driver support
o AMD’s Mantle is a groundbreaking graphics API that promises to transform the world of game development to help bring better, faster games to the PC
o Performance gains of up to 45%(versus the DirectX version) for Battlefield 4 on the R9 290 Series
o Performance gains of up to 200% (versus the DirectX version) for Star Swarm on the R9 290 Series
? AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta must be used in conjunction with versions of these applications that support Mantle
? It is expected that these applications will have future updates to support additional AMD Mantle features
o AMD Mantle Beta driver is currently supported on:
? AMD Radeon™ R9 Series GPUs
? AMD Radeon™ R7 Series GPUs
? AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series GPUs
? AMD Radeon™ HD 8000 Series GPUs
? AMD A10-7000 Series and AMD A8-7000 Series APUs
• Enhanced AMD CrossFire frame pacing – Support for 4K panel and Eyefinity non-XDMA CrossFire solutions (including the AMD Radeon R9 280, 270 Series, 7900 Series, 7800 Series) and Dual Graphics configurations
o Frame pacing ensures that frames rendered across multiple GPUs in an AMD CrossFire configuration will be displayed at an even and regular pace