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Humble Weekly Sale now live

With games provided by Bohemia Interactive


Another Humble Weekly Sale has begun with games being provided by Bohemia Interactive, who are the team behind the extremely popular Arma series of games.

Once again the some of the proceeds (user defined) will be donated to a charitable cause, and you can pay what you want to get access to the default level of games with a 'Pay X' bonus being available as well. This is well worth going for as well, as it gets you a copy of Arma II Operation Arrowhead, which is needed to play the DayZ Mod.

DayZ Mod is a multiplayer openworld survival horror mod for Arma II and whilst a standalone version of the game has been released as an early access Steam title, the mod is still actively in development by its community, meaning new features are added regularly.

You can find the Humble Weekly Sale over at

Whilst you are on the site, you should take a look over at the regular sale, as once again there are lots of brilliant games available, some of which you can see in the video below.