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New range of Ducky Shine 3 Keyboards available

Do you like Gold and Green Switches Mr Powers ?!....


Here at CCL we have a very good relationship with Ducky - who make excellent keyboards - and today we are proud to announce a few exclusive models only available here at CCL!

Up first, by popular demand Ducky have been able to source some special Shine 3 Models, which come fitted with Cherry MX Green Switches, which are a slightly stiffer version of the popular Cherry MX Blue switch, and one that makes a nice click with each keypress.

You have a choice of three keyboards with this switch, including a very special Gold (Tuhaojin) model. The first two are standard Shine 3 models which come equipped with either a Blue or White backlight, the Tuhaojin model is available in extremely limited quantities but instead of having a plastic case, this model comes fitted with an anodised aluminium casing, which makes it look very smart indeed.


The Ducky Tuhaojin models are a very special limited run, and after stock has gone it is extremely unlikely further stocks will be available, but they are currently available in  Brown, Blue, Red, and Green switched models all coming with a White backlight.