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Battlefield 4 - Multiplayer - Review

Mark is back with another review.

Review Platform : PC
Release Date :Oct 2013
Price : £38.49 (Origin)

Well, I’m back after a lengthy time off from writing. It does take it out of you, plus it was winter so I have to hibernate. After all, it’s what bears do! Anyways, onto the review. Firstly, I’m going to get the whole “this game doesn’t work” etc. out of the way.

The Bugs:

So let’s be honest, if you Google this game, the first thing that you will find is that it’s a broken mess, particularly on the consoles. Now, I can’t comment how true this is as I’m a PC player -Ed glorious PC master race - so I’ll just be giving my input on PC errors. Apparently it’s unplayable to most of the web and it’s not worth purchasing it, etc. This is 100% in my opinion, not true. I have clocked in over 24hrs of online play and only had a total of 2 crashes. Now, I’m not denying there are errors for some people, and I feel for them, but there are cases where you won’t experience any problems and just have fun. So don’t let this deter you from buying it, as this game is the best online shooter I have played in a few years.



Well, where to begin? So much fun and so much destruction. If you have played any previous Battlefield games, you will know the basic formula. We have conquest, which is a huge brawl for controlling points. We then have Rush, where one team defends a point you’re trying to blow up and if you succeed, you will push them back, then try to destroy the other points, until the opposing team have none left. There is the traditional team death match, though I barely play this mode as I find the other modes far more enjoyable.

Now, one of the modes that is new to this game is Obliteration, and my god, this mode on Operation Locker can continue for well over an hour. It’s absolutely incredible. You will be pinned down and are always in gun fights. This mode requires you to obtain a bomb with your team, and trying to blow up 3 separate points. Each team has their own points, and the twist is that ANYONE can take the bomb on each team. Then it’s a constant fight to get to a point, hoping that your team saves you. However, to make it even more challenging, the bomb can spawn anywhere and, if you die with it, it stays where you die. Therefore, it’s always on the move, making game play even harder. This is one of the modes which I have one problem with, as I think it needs a time limit. As mentioned above, it can go on for over an hour and I’ve been in this situation. It’s great for earning points, but it can be too much.

As with other games within this series, we have different classes, all with their own abilities. We have Assault, which is really a medic, which is the only class that can drop med packs and revive and is also one of the easiest to rank up.

Then, we have Engineer, which is your heavy hitter for tanks and anti-air, but also has the ability to repair vehicles; particularly useful, as you will always need one of these in a squad.

We then have Recon, which is your sniper class - Although I don’t see too many people play with this online compared to BF3 - Has spot ability and is useful for staying behind whilst you advance if you’re working well in a squad.

Now we have support, which is your ammo support, as they can drop ammo packs. Great for when you’re pinned down, but also useful for spraying a corridor down if you see enemies on the way. Similar to some movies where you want the silly madness of just wasting lots of ammo.

Conquest is by far my favourite mode. The maps for this are very diverse and very fun. Some suit vehicle combat more than others, or some are just best if you stay on foot. There is nothing better than charging down with a tank and capturing a point, especially if you’re doing it with friends, or even just random people. This game will have your heart racing, and the amount of action going on around you means it’s just a constant war, and you get that feeling. What I think is a great gameplay feature, is the amount of variation you get from each class, and the weapons you can use; now a lot of shooters offer this, but with BF4, it’s the amount of different types there is, from modes online to guns. Now I would say, gun variation can sometimes feel too samey, but you never feel at a disadvantage if an opponent has a better gun or higher rank, it doesn’t mean you will lose.

The vehicles in the game are great fun and I’m a massive fan of the Type 99MBT tank. However, at first I did notice I seemed to take more damage than others at times, and I wasn’t sure why. It turns out, after some searching so thought I’d mention this also in the review, vehicles can have different types of ammo and special abilities, which you earn by effectively levelling up. You do this by just destroying other vehicles or making kills; Every time it levels, you may unlock something, for example, different shells for the tanks. It is certainly worth making sure you do swap and changes these ammo types as well, as it does improve the vehicle and makes the fights more fun. You can also acquire similar improvements to aircraft, so it is best to change around a lot.




Now, we all know this game is a stunner and it doesn’t disappoint. Whilst I don’t find it a massive jump over BF3, it does have a cleaner look and a lot of the little details have seen a massive improvement. The engine does seem to run and scale better for lower systems, e.g. my system is not a high end one. The specs are the following: AMD FX 6100, 8GB Kingston DDR1333, ATi 7770GHz Edition, Asus M5A78LM LX3, which allows me to run the game at 1920x1080 with medium settings over all. So for a new shooter, that pushes the limits on a new engine. I’d say that’s pretty good.


Battlelog, Assignments, Medals:

I feel this deserves a mention of its own. The game doesn’t have a traditional menu when launched, as it all runs via the browser you use, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. Now, I love this, as it’s the hub of everything, it’s where you can change your load out for the classes you use and also customize your vehicles. Whilst all that seems pretty normal, this also lets you see assignments. Now these can be simple get x amount of kills and resupplies, but if you complete it, you’ll get a reward, such as another gun or mod for one. Medals are what you earn after a game has finished and you can earn one for capturing lots of points, or be awarded one for getting so many headshots.

The one thing this game does well is always make you feel like your progressing, as you will generally always get something and we all like shiny things!

These are my stats so far...These are my stats so far...


From my experience of Battlefield 4 should be an instant purchase for any gamer. This is the best online FPS I have played in many years, and the best FPS of 2013 in my view. The bugs as many as there are, are not as bad as has been made out,  you will likely not even see any – I certainly didn’t, and any that do appear are often quickly resolved as well.
The amount of hours you’ll get out of this is worth it. I know I’m not done with this, and I won’t be for a long time to come