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Corsair Demo new RGB Cherry MX Keyboard

It looks very pretty....


CES is here and you will be glad to hear that Cherry and Corsair have demoed the teased RGB Cherry MX keys announced a few weeks ago.

If you read our previous article you will know that these switches allow for a choice of 16.8M colours to be selected per key, which is one thing that has limited mechanical keyboards in past iterations -and one that will still limit other manufacturers.

From the information available keyboards containing Red, Blue and Brown switches should become availalbe in the second half of this year. With Cherry MX Blacks being omitted from the list, this is not unexpected to me as they are the least popular of the three main switch types.

Unfortunately no pricing is available for these new keyboards but thanks to an exclusivity agreement, they will only be available on Corsair keyboards for the time being and you can certainly expect to not come cheap, one things for sure though is that it certainly looks pretty!