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CM Storm Quick Fire Ultimate - Review

Is this the ultimate gaming keyboard ?

Once again office duties were its first test, and even though it looked very out of place, the keyboard was comfortable and no issues and I had no major issues with the keyboard apart from the grippy surface taking a short while to get used to, but that was mostly gone after writing the opening of the review itself. The multimedia keys on the keyboard also functioned as needed

For the gamers, the Quckfire Ultimate also has an added feature which allows it to support N-Key Rollover, by USB under a Windows OS, this allows the keyboard to recognise and parse any amount of key presses at any one time, meaning you can dodge, duck, dip dive, and dodge all at the same time if needed. This is a feature that is sometimes overlooked in other keyboards, which means you will be limited to a maximum of 6 key presses, the Quickfire Ultimate has the option of switching between both these modes for improved compatibility though. In addition to this you also have a Win-Lock key which as the name suggests allows you to lock the Windows keys making sure that any accidental press doesn't send you spiralling out of the game.


In short the keyboard was mostly fine; I did encounter two small issues with the keyboard both of which are very minor annoyances, the first is because of the larger than normal casing, it makes use of a slim wrist rest a bit problematic, the second I believe is caused by the grippy coating and the design of the keycaps themselves, it makes the keycaps incredibly easy to remove and makes them feel a bit loose if I am honest, but this could be because of the slightly different stem underneath the cap having a bit less support.


Ducky Cap (Left) Cooler Master Ultimate (Right)Ducky Cap (Left) Cooler Master Ultimate (Right)