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Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

It is nearly upon us!


It's that time of the year again, time to sit back relax and watch some amazing people speedrun games in the name of charity. AGDQ is back and better than ever in 2014, and we are just over 5 days away from the start.

Once again the event is being run to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation and no doubt it will hope to break last years haul of over $400,000 dollars and will no doubt want to reclaim the title as the most successful gaming charity marathon.

This year 139 games are scheduled to be played*, they will start out with Jak and Daxter and lots of prizes are set to be raffled off once again as donation incentives, including a Super Famicom RPG bundle, various game cartridges, and even a Wind Waker themed skateboard is up for grabs, making donations all the more worthwhile.

AGDQ 2014 begins January 5th at 5pm and will run through to January 11th/12th* for more information regarding the games that are going to be run, you can head over to Once it begins we will post another update with a link to the stream.

*not including the Bonus Stream! Which normally runs for a few days after the main event.