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Spooky goings on!

Halloween easter eggs upon us !



Easter Eggs in games are always fun, but even more so when they are holiday related. Today being Halloween means that companies are including Halloween themed easter eggs into their games and we are going to show you two of them.

 Up first we have Prison Architect, which is a very nice game from Introversion Software, the brains behind Darwinia.


What else could it have ever been, but a parody of the famous Prison Thriller Video, which if you are one of the few to have never seen the video, you can click here to watch the original. According to RockPaperShotgun, all you need to have to get your inmates to re-enact the song is just an area big enough for roughly 30 prisoners, the prisoners will handle the rest.    

Up next we have two Halloween easter eggs in Counter Strike : Global Offensive, for today only when you kill someone they have a chance of becoming a ghost for a few seconds, no doubt before becoming one of the famous Counter Strike Chickens which have been dressed up as ghosts! We have Karmuhh and manak69 from Reddit for posting these.

No doubt there will be more spooky goings on so keep your eyes peeled !