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Eyefinity Enhanced !

Enhance........ Enhance....... Enhance.......



So to go along with the new launch of the R9-290X, I thought it best to tell of a feature of the new R series graphics cards, an improvement to AMD's Eyefinity technology.

In the past at least for an Eyefinity setup if you wanted to have 3 screens or more on your PC, you would need to rely on having at least one of those displays connected through a display port connection. This in itself opened up a minefield in trying to find an adapter that was both active and had the connection you wanted.

This is now no longer a problem with the R260,R260x and,R290x cards as any three mixed outputs will support eyefinity without the need to use display port cables or connectors - unless you want to that is. For the R280X and 270X this is also the case but is not without caveats, for these cards two of the displays will be using the same timing as they will share the same PLL, for this it means at least two of the monitors will need to be the same brand and model.