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GTA V PC Torrent Available but all is not what it seems

If you think this was a bit too good to be true then you would be correct....Don't Download It!


So you may have already seen this, but it appears that there is a Grand Theft Auto 5 torrent doing the rounds and it is claiming to be a leaked version of Rockstar Games' latest masterpiece. The file is easily findable if you search for it via Google - but don't download it - as are now lots of news reports posting about the true contents of what is included in the 18GB file (LOTS OF MALWARE). Whilst we at CCL do not condone Piracy, this will hopefully be an advanced warning that if you are currently downloading or are going to download this file to just stop and delete it.

Rockstar has yet to even announce a PC Port of GTA V, and according to the site that posted the news first WCCF Tech it would appear that there are already thousands of gamers who have downloaded this monster of malware and whose PC's may now be infected.

The old adage "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" applies here, especially as the game is yet to be announced.