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XFX release Double Dissipation R9 280X

Improvements made over the reference cooler



XFX have released their new R9 200 series cards a few days ago - along with other brands - but already they have released a non reference cooled model, called the XFX's Double Dissipation (DD) R9 280X 1000M Boost 3GB GDDR5 (D5) Ghost2 Thermal Dual Mini DisplayPort (2xm DP) HDMI 2XDVI or more simply the R9-280X-TDFD.

Fudzilla have already managed to get their hands on it and have given it a short preview where they have tested the cards noise output and cooling ability compared to the standard unit.

XFX have made changes to its standard Double Dissipation cooler design, and by increasing the height of the cooler by one and a half centimetres has allowed them to cram a pair of 85mm fans into the unit. Bigger fans means that to move the same amount of air they don't have to spin as fast, allowing for both a quieter operation and the ability to move more air to improve performance if needed.

Fudzilla go on to say :

With the R9-280X-TDFD, XFX is addressing overclockers too by unlocking voltages. Note we are not talking about a Black Edition card because XFX needs some time for the GPU binning process in order to find the best of the best GPUs. The card we got works at reference clocks which are 1000MHz for the GPU and 1500MHz (6000MHz effectively) for 3GB of GDDR5 memory.

Under load the GPU temperature hits 65 degrees Celsius in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme test. It is obvious that the Dual Dissipation cooler does a better job than the reference one. In idle we measured 35 degrees Celsius. We were particularly impressed by the noise levels. The fans were nearly silent even under load.

You can read more about the card over at