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Windows 8.1 available to Pre-Order

You can find out about some of the features in this post, as well as finding out how to upgrade !


The long awaited update to Windows 8.1 has been released, the update brings new features to Microsofts flagship operating system, with the main one being the reinstated start button.

Other changes in Windows 8.1 include a Desktop Mode which allows you to avoid the tiled interface entirely, Tile Sizing which allows you to choose one of four sizes for the items on the touchscreen interface and Gesture Control which means that applications like book readers or recipe applications can be paged through without touching a screen.

Some of the features can be seen in the video below:














If you are already running Windows 8, to update you can just go to the Windows store and download it from there. Otherwise you can pre-order a copy of Windows 8.1 in full which will be despatched tomorrow by clicking on any of our links below.