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Raspberry Pi Foundation hits milestone

1.75 Million Pis sold with 1 Million being made in the UK


In what will come as no surprise to anyone who has owned one of these brilliant little beasties. The Raspberry Pi has just hit a big milestone, by selling 1.75 million units, with 1 million of them being built right here in the UK !

The PC the size of a credit card has gone from strength to strength since being imagined by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The main aim of the Pi was to promote the teaching of computer science in schools, but it quickly found a place at the heart of many media centres across the world, due to its low power consumption and impressive ability to decode high definition media.

The market for modding the Pi is also doing well, with addon cards and boards which allow you to control robotic arms, power simple touchscreens and even control a camera from the Pi which help the Pi stay true to its original purpose and numerous flavours of Linux have also been ported to run on the device as well.

The enthusiasm for the Pi doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon, so heres to surpassing another milestone in the future !