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Toshiba LX830-137 23" All in One - Review

Tom takes a look at the latest and maybe even the best value Toshiba all in one to hit CCL's Shelf


The Toshiba LX830-137 has a very impressive specification, sitting at the very top end of the inexpensive all in one PC range currently available. Featuring a great balance of performance and features that make it perfect as a family PC or for students.
All in one PCs are arguably the best way to show off the merits of Windows 8. Laptops are not intuitive to use with a touch screen and Windows 8 on a tablet always feels more like a gimmick than a serious work tool thanks to the apps on offer currently, where a fully featured touchscreen all in one can combine the benefits of a traditional PC and a tablets ease of use in one. You often find yourself with the Toshiba LX830-137 using the touchscreen for loading your applications, checking emails and browsing the web and turning to the included wireless keyboard and mouse for when some serious typing or photo editing is needed.



Featuring a 23in full-HD multi-touch touchscreen display with an attractive frame and stand at the rear this is a very attractive and understated all in one PC. On the rear of the unit there is a convenient HDMI input and four USB 2.0 connectors, with a pair of USB 3.0 connectors and a card reader on the left hand side of the display. On the right hand side of the display there is a DVD-RW drive.



Setting the Toshiba LX830-137 apart from other all in ones at this price point is the built-in Freeview TV tuner and a remote control for the media functions. The combination of the HDMI input and built in Freeview allows the LC830-137 to be the primary media hub in a kitchen, bedroom or study without the need for multiple screens. Definitely a unique selling point that not many all in one PCs can boast. Combined with a webcam perfect for video calls and built in Wireless for easy connectivity this is an all in one that is easy to live with. The Onkyo stereo speakers are excellent for a PC of this size, far better than speakers found on most laptops and rivalling the quality you would expect of a quality set of entry level external speakers.

The Intel Core i5 3230M 2.60Ghz processor provides more than enough power for any HD video playback, office application, photo editing or web browsing. The capacious 1TB hard drive fitted to the Toshiba LC830-137 will let you store all of your digital files with ease – the average size drive for an all in one of this type is only 500GB.

The 4GB of RAM fitted as standard allows for easy multitasking, although power users and those looking to edit videos might benefit from looking at the upgraded 8GB+ models available at a small additional cost. Fitting of the memory is easy for those used to upgrading PCs with access granted from a panel on the rear. There are two memory slots available with one free on the 4GB model.



The Toshiba LX830-137 has no dedicated graphics card making it unsuitable for the latest 3D gaming, although this is not unusual of almost all of the all in one PCs on the market today. However it does include the top of the range Intel HD Graphics 4000, which is easily the fastest on board graphics solution from Intel and ideal for more casual games like Bejewelled, The Sims, Angry Birds etc.

Windows 8 loads up and runs smoothly thanks to the high specification of the Toshiba, although McAfee anti-virus in my testing did slow the PC down considerably. Once removed the PC really did fly along with the default Windows Defender running. Keep an eye out for our upcoming guide on optimising the performance of this all in one.



The Toshiba LX830-137 offers a built-in TV tuner, HDMI input, touchscreen, decent sound and wireless peripherals, making it an excellent multimedia hub for the home office, kitchen and bedroom or for students at a very reasonable price. For the money there are very few all in one’s available let alone ones with such a high overall specification, making the Toshiba LX830-137 very easy to recommend to anyone wanting a PC at around £500, not just those in search of an all in one.