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CM Storm Pitch - Review

Do the Pitch stand up to CM Storms quality standards? find out inside


The gaming market is an ever changing market, because of this many manufacturers have set up gaming orientated off-shoots of their parent company so that the focus can be attributed to providing the best gaming peripherals. Today we are going to be looking at one such product from Cooler Master’s CM Storm, a pair of gaming earphones dubbed the Pitch.




Frequency Response



Cable Length


10mm Driver



3.5mm headphone jack



Pick-up Pattern

Frequency Response


Signal to Noise Ratio


70Hz – 10000Hz

-42 ± 3dB (0dB = 1V/pa.1KHz)

58dB or more

In The Box

3.5mm Splitter (Separate Headphone and Mic Jack)

Storage Pouch

Replacement Silicone Tips of Different Sizes



The headphones are fitted with a 10mm driver which Coolermaster say are the biggest that they could fit into a set of in-ear headphones. These drivers are then each housed in a solid aluminium case.


The Box and Product


The CM Storm Pitch are provided in a small and simple box, which has a large clear opening on the front which shows off both earphones and the gold plated 3.5mm connector.

On the rear of the box, the features and specifications of the headphones are listed. On the sides it lists “Gaming Earphones – Pitch” in a multitude of different languages, whilst on the other side it shows a picture of the headphones themselves.

Inside, the headphones are held in a tray which slides out nice and easily from the box, underneath the tray are the included accessories; the pouch, the headphone splitter, and the replacement tips.

The snap-lock pouch is made from a soft pleather-esque material which whilst not exactly the quality pouch I had expected, it is okay; this allows you to store the additional cable and tips easily without them instantly getting lost.


Along with the pouch comes the audio splitter cable, this cable is a very nice and simple addition which follows the red and aluminium styling of the main earphones. The cable is provided so as to allow you to use both the earphones and microphone at the same time on your PC, as most lack the single multi jack plug to allow it otherwise.

The additional tips that are included are fairly standard being made out of a soft silicone to help them conform to your ear canals.

Onto The headphones themselves; they are fairly well designed and have a solid feel, which is mainly due to the metal casings for the connectors and drivers, for the cable CM Storm have used a stethoscope style cable rather than having a behind the neck style that other earphones use. The microphone and call buttons are located on the left earpiece’s cable.



I put the headset through a number of tests ranging from playing games to just listening to my eclectic music collection. These tests provided a good analysis of the headset in the environments that CM Storm say they have designed it for. We also tested the microphone in calls to see if it was up to scratch. In the tests I was looking to make sure that the headset provided good background noise cancellation whilst also making sure that the audio quality was good.

During the music portion of the test, I found audio quality of the headphones to be good, with a clear sound throughout, even when listening to classical or ororchestrated pieces, without sounding overly bassy, like some other earphones; although if the song calls for it, the bass can be heard again without overpowering the rest of the sound.

In our gaming tests, the sound quality was just as good, with the audio in games chosen coming across extremely well, with ambient noises coming through whilst bigger sound effects had the required punch to them, gun shots and explosions sounded very nice.

The microphone on the headset was also good, in the phone calls I made it came across clear, although due to the nature of it being omni-directional meant that it did pick up background noise, which is quite a shame.

Due of the size of the earphone drivers on the Pitch, I had to use a slightly smaller set of tips than I normally would use on my own personal earphones to get them to sit comfortably and securely, this had no effect on the passive noise cancellation which was still very good.



The CM Storm Pitch are certainly good value for money, whilst they won’t be able to replace or compete with larger enclosed headsets like the CM Storm Sirus in terms of overall performance and sound output, but they were never meant  to. As a pair of earphones that can be taken with you almost at all times for listening to music or making calls, they offer something the bigger headsets simply can’t.

The quality of the audio and the build of the earphones themselves for the price makes them a very attractive option, and after using them for an extended period of time, I can happily reccomend them based on their performance.