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Ducky announce TKL Shine 3

No longer a tease, as Ducky UK announce new Shine 3 TKL range // Year of the Snake keyboards almost here!



Only a few days ago, we (or I) posted a news post about Ducky teasing their new  Shine 3 TKL keyboards, almost as quickly as I had posted it, Ducky UK now have another post confirming that the popular TKL (TenKeyLess) model of their backlit Shine keyboards will indeed be available, and it is due to be available in October!

If you read my previous news post my enthusiasm for Ducky in general will be apparent to you, but if you haven't I cannot wait personally for these new keyboards to be available.

Ducky have announced that they will be localised to various countries, with the following layouts being available: Chinese, US, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Nordic, Thai, and UK. So expect a version localised to where you live, so if in the UK a UK layout board etc.

Just as a reminder, the Special Edition Year of the Snake model is expected at CCL before the end of the week, what we have listed as arriving is all we will be receiving; once they are gone they are gone for good.

You can pre-order one of these keyboards at this link: Ducky : Year of the Snake