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Hynix memory factory closes after fire

Plant expected to resume operations soon however


After a fire swept through a Hynix DRAM factory in Wuxi, China. Hynix has come out to reassure people by stating that the fire has not damaged any production equipment.This means that the incident should only cause a blip in production, and hopefully not affect prices, whilst they get everything back up and running.

The fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon, and there were plenty of dramatic pictures posted to various sites including ones showing towers of billowing black smoke rising from the plant, which led to speculation that it was something major. However Hynix have rebuked the images stating that they made the fire appear worse than it actually was.

"While there are some pictures of the fab surrounded by large dark smoke being circulated, please be informed that the damage is not as severe as it seems," Park said.

"The smoke was created because the fire was concentrated in the air purification facilities that are linked to the rooftop of the fab."

The plant at the centre of all this contributed to 12% of the global supply of memory chips and almost 40% of Hynix's own output. Had this fire been worse and affected the actual manufacturing area, we would have been in for a long ride, with RAM modules, SSDs and anything else that uses DRAM likely to rocket up in price, much like the events that ocurred only a few years ago which wiped out most of the mechanical hard drive manufacturing plants.

Thankfully in all of this Hynix have said that only one person suffered minor injuries, but they were still calculating the exact damages caused by the fire.