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End of an era ?

BT turns off dial-up internet access


From today you will no longer be able to use BT's dial up internet, as it has been turned off by the company.

Most people will have used a dial-up in the past, as it was one of the first ways of achieving access to the internet. Whilst it is certainly sad to see BT close down the service, the proliferation of various broadband services means that for the majority of people it was pretty defunct already, with speeds increased by an order of magnitude over the narrowband service and prices continuously dropping.

BT has said that the closure will likely only affect a tiny amount of users, going on to say that the closure only meant that around 1,000 people would be without the ability to change to a broadband service due to the area they live in being too remote, although for those people who do have to stay with dial-up, Plus-net will continue to offer services.

One thing that I will never forget is the connection sound, the need to wait for the connection to be established whilst your modem made a noise akin to an electronic death is certainly not missed by me.