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CCL @ Insomnia Day 3 + Final Day

A round up of day three and the final day of CCL's brilliant weekend down in Telford


Sunday started off the last full day of the weekend, with a huge queue of people by the tuck shop waiting for the exhibition hall to open – just what we like to see!

Sunday as it turned out, was just as busy as Saturday, with daytickets sold out again, but a little quieter from the all weekenders most likely due to the pub quiz the night before which didn’t finish until well after 1am. I haven’t yet managed to find the results list for the quiz, but unsprisingly we didn’t win or most likely come anywhere close, but at least we had a good time with our team, with the guys from Cooler Master and some of the other companies attending.

We had a bit of competition on our Surgeon Simulator machines, with two players consistently coming back and bettering each other’s scores. The winning score was just over 32 seconds which was very impressive to watch, as I still haven’t managed to finish that heart transplant without killing the patient. I suck.

By the end of the day a good chunk of our range had sold out, so apologies to anyone disappointed that we weren’t able to get them what they wanted – guess we’ll just have to take more next time! All the products we had with us at the show are available from our website however, so you can still pick up anything you were wanting from us that way.

Today was a much quieter day, with only us open for business in a limited fashion, and we were joined for the start of the day by the team demoing the Shogun Bros Ballista mouse. Tom held down the fort for anyone wanting a last minute purchase while Rich and myself gradually dismantled the stand and packed everything up ready to go home. All that was left then was to load up the van and begin the trek home. That’s it for i49, we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and we’ll see you all again at i50!