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CCL @ Insomnia Day 2

Another amazing day at Insomnia i49!


Wow, another incredibly busy day! Good to see lots of familiar places from previous I Series as well as loads of new people. The Surgeon Simulator competition is starting to heat up, so good luck to all those playing!

Our ‘beat the buzzer’ event was sadly a bit of a non-starter as it rather quickly imploded on use – not even gaffer tape was enough to save it! Worry not though, we have a backup plan in place for tomorrow using those cool rubber Kingston heads you may have seen, so our Kingston competition will go ahead just in a somewhat different form!

I did manage today to have a bit of a roam of the exhibition floor, and see some of the great things going on such as the Minecraft creative areas and some of the cool looking new gaming gear Logitech have coming out, as well as some great gear our friends at Cooler Master have on display – most of which is available to buy from our stand.

As well as Splinter Cell which I mentioned yesterday I also managed to have a look at the interesting looking DC Comics Infinite Crisis game from WD games, but haven’t yet had a chance to try either to give any feedback on those.

Sadly our T-Shirt for this show has now completely gone, sorry to anyone who didn’t manage to get one but demand this time was massively higher than supply so they’ve run out in record time. Guess we’ll just need to bring more for next summer!

Tomorrow, you’ll get to find out just how badly we’ve managed to do at the pub quiz! (Hint: probably awful)